Tote & Shoot by Shootsac

Carry Your CAMERA with Lens Attached, Ready To Shoot
Plus have room for all your other "stuff"!

We believe that the best camera is the one you have with you – Tote Your Details and Shoot Your Adventures with One Great Bag. Perfect for moms with kids, amazing vacations, or even your daily adventures. Life is a PHOTO OP! 

Why limit yourself to a traditional camera bag or purse with padding, when you can carry the all new Tote & Shoot by Shootsac? This large, fully-padded tote bag with included messenger strap was created specifically for the DSLR owner on the go. Featuring the first ever side-loading camera pocket, the T&S holds a camera with full size lens attached in an outside pocket - ready to shoot. This leaves the main cavity of the bag free for an extra lens, your Shootsac Lens Bag, or other personal items for your trip, for your kids, for your shoot.

Not Just Another Bag For Your Camera – This is a Bag For Your Life.

Seriously -- when was the last time you left the house with ONLY A CAMERA? Take full advantage of this medium sized tote with a roomy interior and extra pockets for organization. The side-loading camera pocket is completely separate from the main cavity so you never have to worry about digging your camera out from underneath other items.

Unzip the back pocket to use it as a trolley pocket. Enjoy hands free travel throughout the airport or on location with your rolling bag. In the zipped position, the back pocket is perfect for your magazines, Kindle, iPad or smaller tablet computers. 

Carry an extra lens or water bottle in the neoprene vertical pocket. This pocket is designed to keep delicate items upright inside the main cavity of your bag.

You can also use Your Shootsac Lens Bag as a Padded Insert! GREAT for Travel. 

Shootsac LENSBAG owners can use their lensbag as a padded insert for EXTRA lenses. The lens bag fits perfectly inside the Tote & Shoot adding extra protection for up to 3 additional lenses. Since it is never a good idea to check your camera gear when you travel – this is a great set up for packing the perfect "camera bag" carry on. 

Product Specifications

  • 1 Tote & Shoot Camera Bag

  • 1 detachable Cross-body strap with matching shoulder pad

  • 1 foam pad for optional, added protection in the camera pocket

  • 1 Unique Side-Loading Camera Pocket on the front of the bag (13.5"w x 13"h x 5"d)
  • 1 Large Main Compartment
  • 2 Small Zippered Pockets inside the main compartment
  • 1 Elastic Loop for a camera lens in the main compartment
  • 1 Dual purpose Magnet-closure pocket/Trolley pocket on the rear of the bag
  • 2 External Drawstring Pockets, one on each side of the bag (4.5" diameter x 9"h)
Colors Black*; Blue; Pearl; Red; Silver* (* prices may vary by color due to availability)
Cross-Body Strap Removable Cross-Body Strap is included
Shoulder Pad Each bag comes with a matching-color shoulder pad on the removable Cross-Body Strap.
Fixed Handles Two deep, fixed handles in addition to the Cross-Body Strap (13" drop)
Maximum Lens Size 70 x 200 f/2.8
Materials (external)

Water-repellant polymer fabric resists stains and can be spot-cleaned with soap and water.

  • Lead Free
  • BPA Free
  • Phthalate Free
Materials (internal) 100% Polyester lining
Height/Depth 13.5 Inches
Width 17.5 Inches
Thickness (Empty) 1.5 Inches
Weight (Empty) 3.5 Pounds

<<Click HERE for Videos featuring the Tote & Shoot Camera Bag>>