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SHOOTSAC- The Original Lens Bag

Stop running back and forth to your camera bag to grab lenses. Shoot smarter with Shootsac!

Shootsac Lens Bag
  • Safe

    Protect your lenses while you shoot without sacrificing quick and easy access to them.

  • Comfortable

    Unique body-hugging design makes lenses feel 50% lighter than in your camera bag!

  • Practical

    3 lens pockets, plus extra pockets for your cell, wallet, memory cards, lens caps, flash and other shooting day essentials. 

  • Creative

    Use the right lens for every shot instead of feeling stuck with whats on your camera or "safe" 

A Photo Assistant You will LOVE!

Ever have the perfect moment, perfect light, perfect scent... and the wrong lens? and whaaat?? no 2nd shooter or assistant to run back to your bag?

Never again! With up to 4 lenses at your fingertips, you'll have  quick, comfortable access to the perfect lens for any situation.

Change Lenses FAST!

If you shoot with more than one lens, the struggle is real. Do you park lenses in your camera bag and make trips back and forth every time you need a lens? Do you opt for the 2 body gun slinger method. Or do you just stash lenses everywhere / anywhere you think you might need them?  

Quick access to gear has been a challenge for all of us. 

The patented Shootsac is  7 oz. of wetsuit grade neoprene designed to hold your lenses and mold to your body. With your favorite lenses at your fingertips, you'll never miss the perfect shot!

All the Fashion You Want

Shootsac Fabric Pocket covers add functionality and let you change your look as easily as you change your lenses. 

Made with designer materials, chosen for their color, texture and beauty, each pocket cover is backed with lens cloth to add even more functionality to your Shootsac Lens Bag. 

Looking good while you shoot is the goal - but never at the expense of pro-level functionality. A bag that looks good but doesn't WORK as hard as you do isn't an asset to your business or your clients. 


While I was preparing for an upcoming wedding shoot, I was going over my gear and attempting to cover all bases. The one thing I didn’t have was a way to keep my lenses handy for quick changes. The Shootsac Lens bag was the one thing that allowed to me to do what I really wanted and needed; Make lens changes quickly and easily in order to shoot in the style I wanted to and get the shots I needed. In a word in was indispensable! 

I bought this to shoot my first solo wedding and just loved it. I had access to everything I could need. (and that isn't just lenses!) In addition to my lenses, I had memory cards, batteries, breath mints, etc. Shootsac gave me the freedom of carrying one camera instead of two.

After working with another photographer who uses one, I gave it a try. The more gear I accumulated I found myself with a need to have things closer to me. This bag is great! Allows me to keep the most important items close and it's comfortable.

When I started photography I used a stylish leather shoulder bag. It was awesome looking but was so bulky and was a constant burden during weddings. It was so hard to change lenses and be efficient. Ever since purchasing the Shootsac lens bag, I have never looked back! It is so light and easy to maneuver. I also love the fact that it doesn't actually look like a camera bag. So thankful for Shootsac and all they do! Stay amazing!