Which Bag is Right For You?

Please take a peek around this site. Every camera/lens bag is a game changer for photographers who love to shoot. In fact, over the past 8 years, over 20,000 photographers have added a Shootsac product to their tool kit. Shootsac products are proud to be inspired by the way YOU shoot.  

The Shootsac Lens Bag

 Pro, light weight, body hugging bag for lenses only

The Shootsac Original Lens Bag was invented by Keats Elliott of Shootsac in 2007. Over 20,000 photographers have embraced the Shootsac Lens Bag as a great way to get the most out of their equipment investment.

The Tote & Shoot Camera Bag

Not bulky or annoying, camera accessible via side pocket

Not Just Another Bag For Your Camera – This is a Bag For Your Life. The Tote & Shoot was designed to help you TOTE YOUR DETAILS and SHOOT YOUR ADVENTURES.

Camera Bag + Lens Bag System

Together, they form The Complete Solution

Carry your camera in the Tote & Shoot Camera Bag. Carry Your Lenses in the Shootsac Lens Bag. Carry the Lens Bag (and more) inside the camera bag for a complete solution!


The HipSlip Laptop Sleeve

 The HIP SLIP laptop sleeve is designed for a wide variety of laptops from several major brands.

Make space for power cords and necessities...like your iPad! Add a removable shoulder strap and a whole lot of style. Works with all Shootsac Lens Bag Covers.

Shootsac Lens Bag

Tote & Shoot Camera Bag

Camera Bag + Lens Bag System

Designed For Fast and easy access to your lenses and other valuable accessories. Keep it all with you right where you need it. Carrying your fancy camera with you wherever go.

Combining safe storage and easy access into one handy package.

Used By Professional Photographers who want to get the most out of their equipment investment. Anyone who has ever left their fancy camera at home and wished they hadn't. Serious Photographers who want a complete solution for professional shooting and everyday life.
  • 1 Shootsac Lens Bag

  • 1 Black Neoprene Basic Cover

  • 1 Tote & Shoot Camera Bag

  • 1 detachable Cross-body strap with shoulder pad

  • 1 optional foam pad for added protection in the camera pocket

  • 1 Shootsac Lens bag 
  • 1 Tote & Shoot Camera Bag
  • 1 Black Neoprene Basic Cover
  • 1 detachable Cross-body strap with shoulder pad
  • 1 optional foam pad for added protection in the camera pocket
  • 3 Lens Pockets

  • 3 Accessory Pockets with Snap Closures

  • 1 Unique Side-Loading Camera Pocket on the front of the bag
  • 1 Large Main Compartment
  • 2 Small Zippered Pockets inside the main compartment
  • 1 Elastic Loop for a camera lens in the main compartment
  • 1 Dual purpose Magnet-closure pocket/Trolley pocket on the rear of the bag
  • 2 External Drawstring Pockets, one on each side of the bag

Includes all features of BOTH the Shootsac Lens Bag AND the Tote & Shoot Camera Bag.


The Lens Bag slips in and out of the Camera Bag to provide, providing extra protection for your lenses plus all the convenience of a lens bag when removed.

Colors Black Pearl (Sold out in other colors) Match the Pearl Tote & Shoot to the Lens Bag in your System
Cross-Body Strap Expands to 50" and is permanently attached to the bag Removable Cross-Body Strap is included Each bag includes it's own cross-body strap.
Shoulder Pad Available as an accessory. The pad adds extra comfort when carrying a heavy load. Each bag comes with a matching-color shoulder pad on the removable Cross-Body Strap. Each Camera Bag comes with a matching-color shoulder pad on the removable Cross-Body Strap. There is also a shoulder pad add-on available for the Lens Bag.
Fixed Handles The cross-body strap is fixed at one end and detaches at the other to allow for addition of a Shoulder Pad (sold separately) Two deep, fixed handles in addition to the Cross-Body Strap
  • The Camera Bag includes two fixed handles.
  • The Lens Bag has a fixed cross-body strap.
Maximum Lens Size 70 x 200 f/2.8 70 x 200 f/2.8 70 x 200 f/2.8
Holds Camera Body? No. Will carry a point and shoot as an accessory if desired. Yes! Holds the Camera Body with the lens attached in it's own separate side pocket for easy access
Materials Wetsuit-grade neoprene

Water-repellant polymer fabric resists stains and can be spot-cleaned with soap and water.

  • Lead Free
  • BPA Free
  • Phthalate Free

Includes a basic black neoprene cover.

Fits any Handmade Cover by Shootsac

None are needed or supported


Height/Depth 10.25 Inches 13.5 Inches 13.5 Inches
Width 17.5 Inches 17.5 Inches 17.5 Inches
Thickness (Empty) 0.75 Inches 1.5 Inches 2.25 Inches
Weight (Empty) 2.5 Pounds 3.5 Pounds 6 Pounds