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Introducing: BlackRapid Camera Straps & Matching Covers

Brand NEW! Match your Pocket COVER to your Camera STRAP and not just any old strap - a true hands-free, sling strap by BlackRapid. 

For a limited time, you can get a great deal on a BlackRapid Camera Strap AND a matching Shootsac Cover in two great new styles.

 Black Velvet Pocket Cover, Shootsac & Strap Kit

Camo Pocket Cover, Shootsac and Strap Kit


Check out this video to see how these 2 great products work together!

Don't have a Shootsac Lens Bag yet?

Buy the whole kit: Shootsac Lens Bag with a BlackRapid Camera Strap for $250 and the matching pocket cover and Shootsac shoulder pad are included for FREE!  

Browse the new straps, pocket covers and kits below for more details and pricing.

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