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What are Guys Saying About the Shootsac Lens Bag?

Since introducing the Shootsac, we've received a lot of e-mail from guys wondering what other guys – guys who own one of these bad boys – think of the bag. True – women really dig it – but guys love it too for its design, durability, functionality, “like-a-glove” comfort, and the fact that it doesn't look like a traditional camera bag. Below are just a few quotes from guys who own a shootsac and have tested it in the field.

David J: I can't even begin to tell you all how much I love it. This was the greatest addition (substitution) to my gear bag in years. I'm not joking - get one!

David Hessemer: Hey Keats, still loving my Shootsac! Did you see that DJ has a video up about how the Shootsac brought back his creativity! I was in the process of making a video here on the beach that says the same when I saw his. Will let you know when it is done.

Jesh de Rox: I'm pretty much one of the most manly men ever - so I'm not too keen on the carrying of bags and such!!! But I picked up a Shootsac when I was in Seattle, and it's since become a welcome companion on my weddings. It's light weight and versatility really work well with my fastpaced shooting style : ) Check one out when you get a chance.

Nathan Holritz: These bags are really great y'all!

Jim Khan: When I first saw the bag online I thought it would be just form but no function. I'm really hard on my gear, so I need something that will withstand the outdoor shooting I do. This thing is not only durable, but very comfortable. The craftsmanship is great.

David Baxter: Everyone should buy one. Not just because I won't be sharing mine, but because they come equipped with their own supply of awesome... I was the first to get my Shootsac at WPPI last march. It was like waiting in line to get into the heart of U2 concert, just look at my face ( and you'll know. :) I've used it more times than I can count since I've gotten it but I wanted to wait before I gave it my stamp of approval. It's awesome! It fits everything I need including my 70-200 which is amazing, and it's easily accessible without getting in my way. Jessica really did make a camera bag that is better...faster...stronger.

David McClain: I shot my sister's wedding last weekend in Northern Michigan and have a couple shots of me with my ShootSac. In fact, the week before the wedding I shipped my Shootsac to an old friend to try. He is the university photographer with whom I worked in college and he fell in love with the Shootsac immediately. He kept trying to steal it, but all he ended up with were some shots of me wearing it. The day he got back from the wedding he ordered one of his own to carry his gear around campus.

Dustin Francis: I had my first shoot with my SHOOTSAC and naturally like the rest of us... I LOVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Frank Beamer: I love this bag for its functionality and great looks. It gets attention everywhere I go. It doesn't look like a regular camera bag, which is why I love it.

Michael Corsentino: I love, love, love my Shootsac. It's revolutionized the way I shoot and made carrying my gear easy and fun.

Lance Wright: This bag is incredible. I was a little skeptical at first, but once you put it on, it makes total sense. It fits your body like a glove, and all your gear is at your fingertips.

Ted Sandle: Unbelievable. The bag is so lightweight and fits my body so well, it's easy to forget you're wearing it.