The Great Camera Bag Throw Down!

Admit it. Your good-looking, fancy camera bag is super heavy and usually ends up on the floor somewhere while you actually shoot.

The minute you own more than one lens AND plan to use it, you've got a serious dilemma on your hands! ...and a crappy bag for working with your lenses to boot.  

You've invested big money $$$ in those lenses - a SHOOTSAC LENS BAG (not another camera bag) ensures that you take your absolute best shot every time, for you and...your clients.

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Not sure HOW Shootsac Works?

Chances are you haven't seen a Shootsac Lens Bag in person and you aren't quite sure how it works.

Well, over 25,000 pro-photographers SWEAR BY IT but the real magic is actually how it feels when YOU try it on for the first time. (HINT: it's like a HUG for you and your lenses.) No kidding. 

Let us ship you one to TRY for yourself. Use it with your own lenses and make sure it really works for you. Seriously - don't keep it if it doesn't make your life a whole lot better while you shoot!

Not for you? Returns and Refunds are really simple!

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Photographers Rely on Shootsac!

SO THANKFUL FOR SHOOTSAC! When I started photography I used a stylish leather shoulder bag. It was awesome looking but was so bulky and was a constant burden during weddings. It was so hard to change lenses and be efficient. Ever since purchasing the Shootsac lens bag, I have never looked back! It is so light and easy to maneuver. I also love the fact that it doesn't actually look like a camera bag. So thankful for Shootsac and all they do! Stay amazing!

While I was preparing for an upcoming wedding shoot, I was going over my gear and attempting to cover all bases. The one thing I didn’t have was a way to keep my lenses handy for quick changes. The Shootsac Lens bag was the one thing that allowed to me to do what I really wanted and needed; Make lens changes quickly and easily in order to shoot in the style I wanted to and get the shots I needed. In a word SHOOTSAC IS INDISPENSABLE! 

SHOOTSAC GIVES ME ACCESS TO EVERYTHING I NEED! (and that isn't just lenses ;) In addition to my lenses, I keep memory cards, cell phone, car keys, batteries, breath mints, etc. in it. Shootsac gives me the freedom to work with one camera instead of two.

After working with another photographer who uses one, I gave it a try. The more gear I accumulated I found myself with a need to have things closer to me. This bag is great! Allows me to keep the most important items close and IT'S COMFORTABLE!

10 years, 3 Shootsac's and 100's of weddings and sessions! We've tried other bags and nothing matches the ease of use and durability of Shootsac! Sure people have come with all kinds of variations that you can pack a house in, but when it comes to walking out of your studio with 3 lenses on your hip that you don't have to dig for when you want to switch, nothing beats the simple efficient Shootsac. #User for LIFE!

THIS BAG DOES EVERYTHING IS SAYS IT DOES! Keeps my lenses close, makes it feel like they weigh almost nothing, and allows me to slip through tight spaces with my lenses on me knowing they are totally safe and not banging into anything or anyone!


Camera Bags get too HEAVY! Switch to a Lens Bag when it's time to shoot!

Shootsac Lens Bag
  • Comfortable

    Patented body-hugging design makes lenses feel up to 50% lighter

  • Creative

    Use the right lens for every shot without missing the "moment"

  • Safe

    Neoprene pockets protect your lenses without sacrificing quick and easy access

  • Practical

    Pockets for 3 lenses, plus extra space for other stuff you want on your body while you work