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Black Ruffle Wrap (in Black Ruffle Bag)

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Reusable Fabric Bag: 6" x 5" 

FABRIC:  super soft wrinkle resistant doeskin finish  suede/spandex blend.

Reusable Ruffle Bag: 8" x 6"

Ruffle wrap: 64” wide x 20” long (measured at the center of the back).

Fits sizes 0-14.   

Machine washable in cold water with like colors to prevent bleeding.  

4 colors for the bags:  Black & Cream, Black & White, Solid Black and Silver

Silver Wrap comes in Silver Bag - all other wraps are solid black with black ruffle


Sometimes the smallest things make the BIGGEST difference!

This is a universal truth that GIRLFRIENDS just seem to inherently understand.

Take our new super soft, cozy and wrinkle free COVER ME! RUFFLE WRAPS for example. They may not look like much -- but trust me-- you're going to fall in love with the genius and convenience inside this little bag. Imagine

ALWAYS having a wrap with you. Too chilly in the movie theatre, no problem. A little cool in the restaurant - got ya covered. Shooting outside after sunset - bingo. Carrying a sweater or a "just-in-case" jacket isn't always fashionable or practical, that's why we fell in love with the ingenuity of these new wraps. Just a little somethin' that says "Hey, I've got you covered!"

COVER ME! Ruffle Wraps by Shootsac are the perfect gift for every woman on your list. (The kind of gift they love and use all year round.)

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