Lens Bags - keep your lenses right where you need them

Having to run back and forth to your camera bag to grab your lenses is just dumb.  


Get ready to let the Shootsac lens bag CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHOOT!
  • 3 neoprene pockets protect your lenses and keep them at your fingertips.
  • 3 snap pockets hold batteries, business cards, CF cards, lens caps, etc.
  • 1 unique body hugging design let's you WEAR  your lenses and shoot SMART without suffering

<<Click HERE for Videos featuring the Shootsac Lens Bag>>

Use a Shootsac Lensbag at your next shoot and you'll wonder how you ever got through a wedding, event, e-session, or photo shoot without one. 
"I absolutely adore my shootsac and you'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands for shoots!" - Nikki Gale, Seattle photographer

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Sold Out Shootsac BlackRapid Floral Gift Set
Camera Bag/Lens Bag Combo

Camera Bag/Lens Bag Combo

$408.00 $329.00